We want to scale up our furniture production into a construction material to adapt our community center at Cihuatlan.

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We have 5 years working on upcycling techniques for soft plastic waste. Developed a layered material sourced from agricultural and urban plastic disposal to produce ephemeral architecture projects as well as furniture and fashion accesories; our goal is to insert soft plastic waste into new life with manual work as well as to promote awareness on its origins by designing upcycled plastic handbags, inflatable structures, canvases for cultural events and outdoor / indoor furniture and garden hybrids like stools, benches, carpets and lamps; all with PP and LDPET primarily. Our raw material comes from agricultural and urban activity that outputs waste with standard conditions; feels natural to upcycle because it integrates second hand conditions, making them part of the narrative of the products we deliver. Bolson operates at two locations: one within the urban context of Guadalajara, Jalisco, second largest city in Mexico were I live and have my closest team working. And another at the coastal village of Cihuatlán, Jalisco. The connection between urban and agricultural contexts are crucial to understand Anthropocentric dynamics as a global whole system. Our project is to build a community garden at Cihuatlan, developing hydroponic systems, outdoor furniture and gardening accesories meeting our upcycled processes. We want to scale up the volume of production of our plastic stools in order to reach a new scale of impact and use as construction material. This way we would use an hidraulic baler to compact waste into semisolid furniture benches and terraforming construction units.

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