Veridis develops the first scalable plastic analysis methods to enable high-quality, reliable recycling at scale.

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With all the plastics humanity has produced up to this day, we can cover the whole of the Netherlands with a thick layer. Every house, street and field, covered in a layer of plastic. Of all this plastic, we recycle a very small fraction. Of 50 shampoo bottles, 40 bottles are incinerated, 4 bottles end in landfill, just 5 bottles are recycled into a park bench and just 1 bottle is recycled into a new bottle of the same high quality. We do want to recycle better and more but one of the main challenges is that there are more than 250 different types of plastics and these different types cannot be recycled or mixed together.

This means that before we can recycle plastics back to high-quality products, we need to know for sure that a large batch of material is clean, does not contain more than 5% of other plastic types, and is of the required quality.

This would be easy at home but recyclers are processing thousands of kilos of material each day and need to know what they are working with fast, but there are no methods that can do this at scale reliably enough.

That’s why Veridis develops the first (patented) plastic analysis technology that gives the recycling industry exactly the information it needs for high-quality plastic recycling at scale. With our technology, recyclers can exactly measure what’s in a large pile of plastics, allowing them to recycling more and better!

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