Our design proposes to citizens the cultivation of a square meter of cerrado vegetation, to symbolically revive it, in sight, in urban daily life, and

Long description

A square meter of Cerrado Infinito is a box containing packaging made of natural jute fiber, for growing plants, normally made of plastic discarded after use.

The jute packaging prevents the accumulation of plastic, is completely biodegradable and can be buried with the seedling, preventing damage to the root of the plant.

The box contains 10 jute packages, with various seeds, specific germination substrate, and an explanatory leaflet, with sheets of each plant species supplied, which can be accessed on the internet through a qr-code.

The intention is to teach people to plant and learn the biology of the cerrado, the South American savanna, essentially Brazilian, in an accelerated process of extinction.

Our operational base is in the city of São Paulo, which developed on the cerrado of São Paulo until its complete physical and cultural extinction.

Revived by the Cerrado Infinito art project, which recreates territories and gardens of this vegetation throughout the city, with this product we try to solve a plastic disposal problem by creating a playful tool for learning its biology, culturally distant from people’s general understanding of natural processes .

Unlike vegetable gardens or tropical forests that rely on soil fertility with organic compounds, this vegetation develops in nutrient-poor soils, where fungi and microorganisms play a role in helping the root development of these plants.

Jute allows the proliferation of these microorganism favoring the cultivation of these plants, dimensioned to revive an infinite square meter of cerrado.

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