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  • About the challenge

    Who is behind the challenge?

    ‘Make it Circular Challenge’ is an initiative by Amsterdam-based design platform What Design Can Do together with IKEA Foundation. The challenge is supported by our global partners and our city partners.
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    What is the design brief?

    The design brief is the document that defines the scope and goals of this challenge. It is a guideline for all interested applicants to understand the categories this challenge is focusing at and all the core details.
     Learn more about the design brief

  • submitting your idea

    Can I submit an idea I have already been working on?

    Of course! This probably means you have done your research and are already refining your idea. You can also join the Challenge if your project is already in a further stage of development and is being implemented. The important thing is that your project suits one of our  global design brief goals.

    Can I submit an idea as an individual?

    Yes, you can participate in the Challenge individually.

    Can I select more than one categories

    You need to pick one category per project. It might be possible that your project balances between two. Please pick the one that is closest to the core of your project and/or the end result/product.

    Can I submit an idea as a collective?

    Yes, you can. When you create a profile, we would like to know who the project leader of your submission is. Then, you can add your team members to the submission form and upload a photo or logo of your collective.

    Can I submit an idea in another language?

    Due to the international nature of the challenge all projects  need to be submitted in English. If you are applying as a collective, at least one member of your team needs to speak English, so we can contact you in case we have questions about your submission and for your team to be able to join the development programme. We know that English is not everyone’s first language; application will not be judged on English grammar.

  • The application

    I have submitted my project. What happens next?

    As soon as an entry is submitted it needs to be checked by a WDCD moderator to see if it is complete. Your project may not be approved if you are missing information on your profile, on your idea, or if your idea is not relevant to the Challenge. You will receive a notification as soon as your submission has been approved. During the entire Open Call (until the end of 31st of January in your time zone.) you will be able to edit your submission.

    What happens to my ideas?

    As an entrant, you retain full ownership (Intellectual Property) of your idea. Should you choose to share your proposal on our online platform, you give WDCD and its partners the right to publish your idea on all possible media channels throughout the Challenge. Should you choose to make your proposal available exclusively to the jury, and you are amongst the shortlist of finalists, we will share your proposal for publication to the press. Should a potential implementation partner or investor express an interest in developing or supporting your idea (even if you are not among the finalists), you are free to decide how to share your intellectual property. If so desired, we can assist and advise you.
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    My project is not visible. Why?

    In the submission form, entrants must indicate whether they want their idea to be visible only to jury members or to the public. You can adjust your project settings at any time during the Open Call. If your idea is still not visible after changing your settings from private to public, it may have been put on hold due to language identified by the platform. If a problem persists, please contact us at

    Can you help me with my application?

    You need to submit your project and complete the entire form. Should you move to the next phase and your project is nominated, you will receive feedback from the selection committee, which will help you to further develop your application. WDCD cannot support you with the contents of the submission form or with the direction and development of your idea.

    Can I submit more than one project?

    Absolutely! You can submit more than one project. You will be able to see all your projects on your dashboard.

  • The Selection

    When do I move to the next stage?

    After the initial approval, entries that are made public will be added to the platform’s Entries gallery. On January 31th (before the 1st of February in your time zone) all approved entries will be closed for editing and moved to the Nominate phase, where a selection committee will judge the entries and establish a shortlist. All nominated projects will be announced in Mid February 2023.

    How does the nominate phase work and how will the shortlist be created?

    The Challenge selection committee is composed of creatives, experts & entrepreneurs from all over the world. During the Nominate phase they will put together a shortlist of top ideas. Every entry will be considered and evaluated on the judging criteria. The nominees will be announced in Mid February 2023.

    Who will select the winners?

    An international jury of leading experts representing different expertises and nationalities will select the finalists and WDCD will announce the winning projects end of March 2023.

    What happens when my project does not get nominated?

    Ideas that have not been selected for nominations will not move to the next phase, and will be labeled as ‘Archived’. They will still be visible in our Entries gallery, unless you have indicated otherwise. Projects which have been ‘Archived’ are no longer editable, but you can always contact us if you have any special requests.