The PurpoCE Rewards Program

Be more than a sustainable consumer and take concrete steps to help the planet; let PurpoCE be your guide.

Rock Paper

Rock Paper is a manufacturing start-up that uses waste paper to make an alternative building material.

A Garment Worker’s Green Dream

Garment workers establish organic fashion blueprint rooted in indigenous practices improving environmental sustainability and social equity.

Casa Agave Regenerative Mezcal

Regenerative mezcal can reverse climate change, create revenue for farmers, improve livestock health and reinvigorate our biocultural heritage.

Éwà Poranga

Learning experience that transforms the way of seeing the world, creating fashion with cultural identity and socio-environmental awareness.

Mountain ecology

Vertical Integration of organic farming and solar technology for upliftment of women farmers.

Itacaré Water Caring Project

A phygital game that locates springs and connects (educates and rewards) a chain of water-carers from source to sea.

Circular Economy Circular fashion Closing the loop


UPCYCLING single-use waste plastic to Conserve the environment, Enable Rural Livelihoods and Create Conscious Citizens

Composite honeycomb panel


Ready to assemble green homes