We innovate 100% tree free packaging solutions out of crop residue in synergy with nature.

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At Craste, we mitigate climate change by innovating packaging solutions out of abundant crop residue.

Governments across the world are taking steps to phase out single-use plastic. However, the growing backlash against plastic is driving the risk of deforestation. Since paper is the most abundant and scalable alternative to plastics.

Every year India alone generates more than 500 million tonnes of crop waste and 16% of it is burnt on the fields, releasing 150 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

We collect the crop residue from the farmers by incentivizing them. The residue is treated and converted into pulp using our patent pending circular fiber technology. The tree-free pulp is further converted into paper which is used in various packaging applications.

Our innovative process is more environmentally friendly as it requires less water and does not discharge any toxic effluents in the pulping process. All of our packaging is food grade. The high quality paper has the ability to retain its form, shape, and strength.

We actively collaborate with clients to make their value chains greener and circular by utilizing their ligno-cellulosic biomass generated and providing them with our tree free packaging solutions.

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