An alternative materials narrative that challenges current conventions with a range of sandals made from plant-based and recycled materials.

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Developed directly in response to the climate crisis we present an alternative narrative in materials by probing the wider ecological and social impacts of the industry’s dependence on crude-oil derived materials.

The soles, where this reliance is most felt we remove all petroleum-derived plastics. Our sandals sit on our UNCRUDE® soles that are 100% free of petroleum-derived resins, petrochemicals and plasticisers. Developed in-house with renewable bio-based materials, they are also recyclable. We also utilise agricultural waste alongside plant-based oils in the process. The resulting footbed is 96% bio-based and the outsole is 70% bio-based.

With our uppers, we address the surmounting waste problem by using post-consumer garment and pet waste, and leather offcuts from the luxury automotive industry. The sneaky bit of plastic foam that sits hidden between layers as cushioning is often overlooked. We replaced this with UNWASTE™. Made entirely from post-consumer garment waste that we developed with our partners, this too is recyclable.

Our medium serves as our message as the materials we developed inform and engage consumers to better understand their impact.

We take this further into our construction and expose the materials underneath to invite the wearer to question said materials.

This represents a shift in the way we design as what is consumed in the process of it holds as much if not more weight than whom we design for.

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