ACT builds circular eco-systems for textiles.

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Africa Collect Textiles (ACT) is a social enterprise building circular eco-systems for textiles. ACT rolls out a new model for;

  1. collecting and redistributing used clothing in order to provide underprivileged communities with decent outfits;
  2. building the foundation for a circular textile and fashion industry, by sorting large quantities of materials for up- and recycling;
  3. designing and developing circular products from sorted waste streams, such as rugs, toys, pillows and backpacks.

By collecting used textiles clean and dry, carefully sorting them and determining and designing the best possible application for each and every item, ACT reduces pollution caused by dumping and burning, creates jobs, provides fitting outfits to vulnerable groups and lots more.

Currently ACT has 30 convenient drop off points for used textiles in Nairobi. Next to that ACT offers a pick-up service for bulky volumes and items (such as mattresses and curtains). Finally, ACT accepts corporate workwear, such as dustcoats and security and park ranger uniforms.

After collecting and sorting, wearable items are re-distributed, denim is recycled into sandals, patchworks, facemasks and rugs. Wool and acrylic are recycled into blankets. Recently ACT started to repurpose park ranger uniforms from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an Elephant and Rhino orphanage into high-end backpacks which in their turn are recyclable.

ACT’s goal is to save more used textiles from the landfills or from burning. Simultaneously its sorting and recycling processes are upgraded. Through collaborations with local designers, producers and artisans we push the textile / fashion industry towards circularity.

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