Agropelo is a mulch of human hair that save up to 48% of water for irrigation and regenerate the soil

Long description

Agropelo is a mulch made with human hair. It reduces by 71% the direct evaporation, retaining the moisture of the soil and saving up to 48% water for irrigation. Furthermore it increases the size of the plants by 20%, it prevents the development of weeds, it aggregate nitrogen, calcium, chloride and sodium to the soil, and increases quantity and quality in production… More important: it allows the regeneration of the soil, adding organic material and creating the perfect place for microorganism to develop

We focus on offering a solution for agriculture in regions with water scarcity, with two value offers: being able to plant in arid areas, where there is currently no agricultural development, or introducing strains with more water needs in areas where today there is not much product differentiation.

Traditionally, to maintain moisture in the soil; cotton, sawdust or plastic mulches are used. Those products are extractive, while our solution is completely natural, circular and based on a recovered waste on a community scale.  

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