AKI is a digital platform for London based students to trade second hand objects in order to minimise disposal of usable goods

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Every year, students moving in and out of their accommodation generates up to 200 tonnes of waste.

London is home to over 400,000 students. The number of students studying in London is expected to increase, with international students becoming the main group in the rental accommodation market. 

Large amounts of usable goods are disposed of as waste when students move in and out of rented accommodation. This highlights a key market need for alternative ways of dealing with these products.

When objects change from being first hand to second hand, it is common for people to think that they depreciate in value, especially for household items. This is one of the reasons why students are less motivated to buy or sell.

AKI aims to alleviate the hassle and distress of moving for students, so they can lead independent lives that live up to their expectations. We designed unique digital experiences  as a way to add emotional value to second hand objects and encourage second hand trading. 

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