My work is made to encourage, my collection to empower and the fabrics I use to be reused.

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Having grown up in a mountainous area, I used my experience with alpine sports to create ‘Alpinista’, a collection of functional outdoor garments, which reuses paraglider as a primary material. Sports paraglider can only be used up to a certain amount of flight hours, after which the fabric becomes a waste material. The project gives this material a new application through fashion.

‘Alpinista’ proposes a collection of outdoor outerwear which is lightweight and provides wearers with a sense of protection and security. All designs are based on anatomical studies of the body and emphasize comfort and empowerment, by referencing dynamic lines in combination with safety equipment such as harnesses and armored protective gear. The garments are designed to stimulate and challenge the wearers’ desire to do something extraordinary.

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