Our mission is to reduce textile waste. We are a marketplace that unites a community of upcycle designers using creativity to drive change.

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Our mission at Alterist is to reduce textile waste. Alterist is a B2C marketplace that unites a community of 71 upcycled designers in the UK and EU, who are upcycling products from existing materials that would have otherwise been discarded. Our vision is to be at the forefront of the upcycle movement. Through creativity, collaboration and design, we will revolutionize the fashion industries’ attitude to textile waste.

Along with our marketplace, we have great plans for Alterist, which include our brand collaboration program. We will give brands, manufacturers, and charity stores an opportunity to creatively utilise excess stock and materials that will otherwise be discarded. Once collected, we will make the materials available to our designers to produce further upcycled garments from these rescued materials. We created Alterist not to increase the volume of new goods produced but to add value to garments and materials already existing in circulation.

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