Making the Kenyan construction industry more efficient designing of disassemble-able buildings.

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A modern day solution to the current urban planning problem faced by contractors and investors building in towns and cities in Kenya. With an ever increasing population; largely consistent of youths seeking cheap rooms to let, the housing industry has gone through a boom within the last few years. However, the construction industry remains one of the largest consumers of resources. This shows a significant problem, especially in an economy with finite resources.

Another major problem faced by the constantly growing construction industry is seen on the other end of its linear life cycle, when buildings are demolished, its materials also face the same end. This need not be the case.

This project hopes to turn this wasteful process to one that can, not only save on resources, but allow for further use in order to benefit a larger scale while maintaining a self-sustaining circular system.

This is done through designing and then constructing ‘Design for disassembly’ buildings. Creating a paradigm shift that allows for facilitation of future changes in buildings, and then dismantlement(of large parts or of the whole) ensuring the building and its materials can be recycled in future.

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