Setting the standard for compostable and biodegradable plastics, Balena has created BioCir™, the first durable, flexible, and comfortable alternative

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Founded in 2020, Balena is a material science company on a mission to create a sustainable future with its proprietary, fully biodegradable thermoplastic material: BioCir™. BioCir is a fully compostable bio-based elastomer – the first of its kind. In the past, compostable plastic was not durable enough to be used in the production of consumer materials. BioCir™ is the first elastomer that is fully compostable while durable, flexible, soft, and smooth. BioCir™ is setting the standard for compostable plastics, allowing consumers and brands to experience it exactly like the plastic materials they are used to – except that it is completely biodegradable in an industrial composting environment. Balena believes that brands should be creating their products out of materials that fully decompose and should promote their sustainable disposal as part of a fully circular process required for a greener future. To that end, Balena has pioneered an “end-of-life solution” to responsibly dispose of this material once consumers are done with the product. By creating partnerships with both brands and compost facilities, Balena’s BioCycling system, a new circular model for consumer goods, allows consumers to bring it back to a designated takeback point on its way to an industrial compost facility where it will fully biodegrade in a matter of weeks. Balena is helping foster a truly circular economy, good for people, brands, and the environment.

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