Saathi sanitary pads

We're addressing lack of access to menstrual products in a sustainable way by providing biodegradable sanitary pads to urban and rural women/girls.

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Saathi has been working to address three major issues: 1) Chemical filled sanitary pads that cause rashes and irritation 2) Lack of access to sanitary pads in rural areas of India (only 32% have access) 3) Plastic waste produced by commercial sanitary pads We developed patented technology to process natural fiber into a highly absorbent material. Our 100% biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads made from banana fiber which is one of the most absorbent natural fibers and abundant in India. Unlike wood pulp or cotton, it is an agricultural by-product and does not require additional land usage. Our all-natural pads do not contain bleach or chemicals to minimize skin irritation and release of toxins into the environment upon disposal. Not only are they more comfortable and safer for the user, but Saathi pads also degrade within 6 months of disposal, 1200 times faster than conventional pads, and eliminate the need for incineration, reducing CO2 production. Urban women purchase Saathi pads which subsidizes pads for women in underserved areas.

Our goal is to leave the planet better than we found it. We believe we can disrupt current systems and drive systemic change around how menstrual hygiene is addressed. We’re building a model for sustainable manufacturing of absorbent products from sanitary pads to absorbents in the food industry that not only addresses waste but also ethical sourcing and supply chains. 

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