Blue Box is a circular infrastructure that combines existing products and services to enable reusable packaging for grocery stores.

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Blue Box is a circular infrastructure for reusable food packaging that unites the forces of different companies. Blue Box combines existing reusable containers provided by Ikea, existing grocery stores such as Albert Heijn, existing recycling services such as Statiegeld, and existing new technologies. We believe the elimination of single-use packaging can be achieved when stakeholders work together for a common goal. The box acts as the connecting element that enables large-scale companies to work together within one system. For this proposal we intend to create a pilot test in the form of a local pop-up grocery store for Dutch Design Week.

True change can only be achieved, if we understand what it means to change now. What if everything needed to build a circular economy is already in front of us? Creating a circular system is not necessarily about inventing something new, but understanding how to use what we already have in a different way. 

Shopping for groceries has become a bittersweet experience. After grocery shopping, you unpack the groceries and sort them into your kitchen cupboards. While you feel accomplished, the garbage bin gradually fills with plastic packaging and wrappers from your purchases. Although plastic is one of the most durable resources, its main implementation is for single-use.

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