Free UX Design Patterns for a better Customer Experience in the Circular Economy

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The Circular Experience Library is a free library of UX design patterns.

They focus on making the user experience of customers / citizens in the circular economy more joyful and effortless. The patterns address the main activities of customers in the circular economy (rethink, refuse, extended use, refurbish, repair, reuse, upcycle and recycle). They cover specific use cases from the point of view of endusers: “Decide for a used, shared of product-as-a-service model instead of buying a new product”,  “Refurbish it to extend its lifetime”, “Refinance your product by sharing it with others”. In addition, the library contains basic patterns that cover specific needs in the circular economy like the display of materials contained in a product or receiving alerts in different channels to do maintenance on a product. There’s also a prototype based on the digital product passport as planned by the EU. The patterns consist of wireframes (no code) optimized for mobile applications and come with a tutorial video, a clickable prototype, a pattern description and digital downloads in several formats.

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