Circulr is a circular economy startup that helps consumer packaged goods companies reuse their product packaging

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We manage the collection, washing, and redistribution of reusable packaging, mostly glass jars, for shelf-stable grocery goods like peanut butter, soups, pickles, and many others. We offer our services to companies with already reusable packaging, and help companies in non-reusable packaging make the switch to a reusable format. Our system works by first partnering with local retailers and grocers who host a Circulr collection bin. Consumers can drop off any Circulr enabled packaging to any bin in our collection network and then use the Circulr mobile app to reclaim their deposit money. Circulr regularly collects from these bins, and brings all of the packaging to our facility, where it is washed and sanitized before being shipped back to food processors who refill the packaging and start the process over again. Through customer use of the mobile app, Circulr also collects highly valuable metadata. Circulr works with packaging as it exists on shelves today. By targeting the low-hanging fruit of reuse, glass jars, our focus is on helping brands get the most out of what they already use. Glass is inert, endlessly recyclable at end of life, and durable enough to be used dozens of times. All that’s missing today is a system that takes that valuable packaging and brings it back to a usable format after each use. Creating this system is imperative, as it will allow reuse to flourish and make more consumers aware of their role in responsibly managing their product packaging.

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