The Lucky Cup is a reusable coffee cup made with locally-sourced recycled coffee grounds

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Every day, people worldwide consume around 2.8 billion cups of coffee adding up to about 19.6 million kg of coffee grounds that often end up in ordinary waste filling up landfills or being incinerated causing high amounts of carbon emissions. Such a shame! The look and feel of coffee grounds make it a suitable material for new bio-based products fitting into a circular economy.

With the Lucky Cup, Coffee Based wants to showcase the possibilities of bio-based materials to make the shift towards a circular economy easier. We make this transition tangible with a waste stream that everyone knows. Everyone gets amazed and likes drinking coffee from a coffee cup made with coffee grounds. It is unique that we succeeded in producing a food safe product out of waste-material. You need these kinds of appealing examples to get the industrie enthusiastic making a shift from petrochemical to biobased.

More countries ban single-use cups from offices and cafés increasing the demand for reusable cups. Coffee Based encourages the switch from “virgin”, petrochemical-based, disposable cups to reusable, locally-produced and ‘waste-based’ biocups. We create awareness for the value of waste materials and motivate more and more companies to work towards a circular economy. The needed coffee grounds for the production of the Lucky Cup are collected from companies all over the Netherlands through our Coffee Recycle Service.

The Lucky Cup breaks the chain and closes the loop.

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