CoolBricks are 100% natural earthen, cow-dung bio-stabilized bricks provide more affordable, safer, healthier housing solutions to low-income families

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We make affordable and circular earthen homes cool again. With CoolBricks.  A soaring population in the global south increasingly relies on extremely polluting building methods like fired bricks and cement. Because of the housing prices in this segment (<USD10.000 but mostly <USD5.000 for 3-roomed houses) there is little to no sustainable innovation that suits the budget of these end-users. We aim to change this with our CoolBricks. By going 100% natural. Our fully natural, bio-stabilized unfired bricks combine high-tech material science with low-tech mechanical innovations. This results in products superior to the #1 brick, fired bricks: CoolBricks are 20% stronger, cut carbon emissions by 90% and cost about 50% less than fired bricks. CoolBricks contain no cement and require no fossil fuels. CoolBricks are strong enough to build 2-story houses, and our field test confirm their superior water resistance performance in rainy environments.   During a 5-year R&D process at the TU-Delft we have perfected the soil recipe for our bricks: by isolating active ingredients out of fresh cowdung and mixing them with local biopolymers and natural fibers. This mixture is compressed into bricks that look much nicer than fired bricks. CoolBricks can be 100% recycled into new CoolBricks or re-used for fertilizer.   Our multi-disciplinary team of experts with local understanding of the Ugandan, Indian and Dutch market has hands-on experience in developing new biomaterials, constructions and local innovations. Our mission is to provide low-income families with affordable housing solutions that are truly affordable, safe, circular and cool! Starting in Uganda.

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