Cyclothe prolongs the lifespan of garments through collection and AI-driven sorting systems to promote circularity in the textile industry.

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CYCLOTHE is an initiative that aims to increase resource efficiency by extending the lifespan of garments within a circular system. Our goal is to address the global textile waste crisis and make a real impact on the environment.

Our solution begins with the collecting and sorting of used or unidentified garments. These garments are then reintegrated into a life cycle to maximize their economic and environmental value. Our sorting facility uses AI-driven sensors to identify the material composition of the waste with 95% accuracy, allowing us to determine the best use for the textile: reuse, repurpose or recycle.

The Cyclothe app makes it easy for individuals to dispose of their textile waste. Users package their waste in 100% recycled bags. The nearest partnered courier picks up the waste and transports it to the nearest container, which is then delivered to our sorting facility for processing. In return for the weight of the waste, app users earn textile-money. This textile-money is generated through partnerships with textile retailers, by sorting and categorizing their excess inventory, thus reducing their warehouse operation costs. Win-win for everyone!

We plan to establish operations in regions around the world, with a particular focus on areas struggling with large textile waste, and have a goal of repurposing 50 million out of 100 million tons of textile waste within the first 10 years.

Join us in this and let’s create a sustainable future for all.

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