A novel digital takeback system to enable the full circular use of waste feathers!

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Pluumo is the world’s first thermal packaging material made from waste feathers. Currently, the European poultry industry generates 2.7 million tonnes of waste feathers per year which is unfortunately sent for incineration, landfill or treated to produce low-grade animal feeds. Not only does Pluumo utilize this waste stream, it also outperforms expanded polystyrene (EPS); the infamous landfill squatter and current standard for temperature controlled deliveries.   Although we are designing Pluumo to be compostable, we know that the more it can be reused, the less impact it has on the planet. In this project we will develop a first-in-kind interactive takeback scheme that will engage end users via QR codes and digital passports. To do so, we will greatly expand our existing partnership with ‘Reath’, the digital passport software experts. These digital passports will create a unique ID for every individual liner and allow us to track the steps of their lifecycle.   Furthermore, we will develop the infrastructure to test the cleanliness of the product following the return of Pluumo liners to our facilities. This will occur in-house with existing analysis capabilities such as chemical oxygen demand, turbidity and visual examination. We will acquire sterilization equipment such as UVC and antimicrobials to establish the reuse threshold of Pluumo. This will help us work towards a new model for supplying businesses, where Pluumo’s are kept in their life cycle for as long as possible and topped up when required.

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