Making nearly any water drinkable with a globally designed and locally produced Open Source Device.

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We turn seawater and almost any water to drinking water at a household level using a globally co-designed Open Source Hardware device. The design is shared free of charge for local production.

Design Challenge: Water purification is a question of Energy and Technology and we learned from scientific and field experience that the design context and approach equally matters. So we are providing a holistic and open space for innovation in Small Scale Solar Desalination, powered by a broad community.

Production: The production will be done locally – close to the water challenge by the user or even a social business. The necessary tools, such as 3D printers and CNC Cutters, can already be found in thousands of Makerspaces and Fab Labs around the globe.

Technology: The core technology is robust, proven and runs on thermal energy – so it can be powered by simple solar-thermal energy or other heat sources. Through modularity the design can be customized for the user’s needs and according to different environments.

Team: We are a Greek-German Open Source Hardware collective of engineers & designers, supported by many. We’ve been broadly and holistically exploring and researching for a year now – a Proof-of-Concept Prototype has recently been produced.

Ecosystem: We are taking a holistic ecosystem approach. The design will continuously evolve through field experience from users, scientists, makers, entrepreneurs & anybody who wants to contribute – bringing forward an instantaneous, evolving, holistic, democratic flow of circular design innovation for our most precious element water.

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