Robotic 3D printed Bio-ceramic bricks made from eggshell

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The ceramic world is related to the connection between materiality and nature, but is it really like that? Globally, ceramics as an industry or hobby is a game changer when it comes to environmentalism. “Pottery with all its inherent manufacturing needs, materials, firing fuels and workspace is certainly not a clean/green environment.”- Robert Harrison, Sustainable Ceramics.

Mexico is the main consumer of fresh eggs worldwide; the per capita consumption of the Mexican is 28.0 Kg per year, Mexico is considered the fourth largest producer of eggs worldwide and is responsible for 1/27 eggs produced in the world (Sader).

EggBricks is a project that seeks to take advantage of our waste to turn it into a buildable material and open up a new possibility to create our living in an environmentally responsible way. In this project we create a Bioceramic made from eggshell and combine it with sustainable materials to create a new materiality. Our process is based on robotic 3D printing that allows us to shape our blocks and open up new construction opportunities in our architectural spaces.

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