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Extend the life of plastic toys and parks, with the potential to evade 40 billion kg CO2/year and 5.6 billion kg of plastic in the dumpster

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Toynovo promotes quality relationships, through play, with a circular economy model that: 1) Recirculates toys among families, schools and companies, extending the life of materials. 2) Designs and produces sustainable play materials to change the industry from consumerism to human centered. 3) Builds a community that is conscious about the importance of sustainable play for quality relationships; and relationships for comprehensive well-being.

Toys are 90% plastic, 80% end in the landfill, and with annual sales of $104billion USD, $14 USD average price per toy, produces in 2021 61 billion tons of CO2 per year with 91% new plastic.  Also, most of the plastic in toys in non-recyclable sin it is mixed with metals and other materials to make it more resistant, some of them hazardous for children´s health.

To recirculate toys, Toynovo has designed a process to extend the life of plastics; this process is currently being patented. The process consists of several steps:

  1. Diagnose type of plastic and repair
  2. Polishing: coarse and fine, with use of materials
  3. Heat to fix ruptures, revive color and gloss
  4. Finishing touches with or without paint

The process is detailed, step by step, depending on the type of plastic and need of repair. The different steps are defined with trials during each process. The materials and tools are recommended and a special product for polishing and finishing details has been developed by Toynovo.

The project will scale the availability of Toynovo´s process, with a game to bring awareness and information about it.

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