Fabulous Fungi is the solution to one of the major problems in the fashion industry; the use of synthetic textile dyes.

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The use of synthetic textile dye is one of the major problems in the fashion industry. The main problem here is the enormous amount of harmful chemicals involved. Many of these chemicals can cause serious health problems. Residues of the dye- chemicals end up in wastewater from factories and then end up in rivers, which causes water pollution. In addition, the dyeing process also consumes a lot of water and energy. 

Fabulous Fungi formulates a solution to these problems by using fungi for the sustainable textile dye. Fungi use biochemical processes to produce pigments, making the impact different from fossil-based heat and extraction processes. This appears to provide a large reduction of CO2 emissions on a lab scale. In addition, no harmful chemicals are used in this process and therefore much less water. The fungal pigments that form the basis of the textile dye are biodegradable. This means: If remnants of the dye bath end up in the sewer and/or rivers, there will be no pollution of the water. In addition, the use of these fungi are 100% safe for both the person working with the dye and the person ultimately wearing the dyed garment. So, there are no health problems involved. Fungal dye will have many benefits over synthetic textile dye and other alternatives. Besides, it’s even suitable for industrial use. 

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