Flame Away creates, produces and sells innovative fire extinguishing tools

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In case of a fire, you’ll have to react quick and intuitively, otherwise you’ll be out of time. For this the Flame Away is ideal. It is beautiful and in case of a fire, easily throwable into the fire. This way you’ll create a path to safety or extinguish the starting fire. The Flame Away is suitable for solid fires and ensures that the extinguished fire does not reignite. A fire can easily start and can have catastrophic consequences. The most common fires are solid fires. They can be burning tables, cabinets, floors, or curtains; everything that is solid can burn. Flame Away is suitable for these kinds of fires: if you notice a fire, you grab the Flame Away and throw it into the fire. This will shrink or extinguish the fire and ensures it does not reignite. This will buy you time, which is vital if the fire is already large. The product is comparable to a throwable fire extinguisher. It is a breakable container filled with a fire-extinguishing solution. This will allow the container to shatter when thrown, dispersing the extinguishing liquid around the point of impact. the liquid is a solution of water and certain fire extinguishing chemicals, proven effective and safe on touch. The product is easily recognised as a fire-extinguishing tool and requires no maintenance

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