Urban farms to revalorize agricultural residues and grow edible and medicinal mushrooms to redesign the way of what we eat

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Production of highly nutritious fungal foods within cities.

We have designed a replicable urban farm model for the production of edible and medicinal fungi.

These fungal urban farms are designed on three principles; easy production processes, cheap infrastructure and vertical growing for optimizing spaces, which gives the possibility to anyone to adapt any space, in anywhere and contribute to maximize the yield of local high nutritional food production.

Fungi needs cellulose to grow, this is the most abundant organic compound on the planet, and we can find it in almost any agricultural plant based residue. Our process is designed to be able to use local agricultural residue as raw material, like straws, sawdust, coffee grounds among others, allowing it to replicate in any place, revaluing local residues.

Once the urban fungal farm is installed, we collect the local vegetative residues, and by adding some water and after a heat treatment process the residue will be a perfect strain to growing fungi, and after 20 days, mushrooms will begin to grow.

HABITUAL offers a replicable model for urban agriculture, capable to grow traceable low carbon footprint foods, which represents a circular economy food production model, in which revaluing  residues, and using a fraction of water and energy than the conventional food production of fruits, vegetables and cattle raising, we offer high-quality food with high protein, fiber and low-cholesterol nutrients.

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