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Developing high-performance textile from waste keratin protein fiber to lower the pollution of the textile industry.

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Human Material Loop is a material science company, developing high-performance textiles from waste keratin protein fiber, hair. With unique technology, we are able to utilize waste hair and transform it into various applications within the textile industry. We are on a mission to create a true textile revolution, and to show that people are not above but part of the ecosystem. Our goal is to lower the pollution of the textile industry and create a global impact by integrating local, natural fiber into our production system. We are a committed team of designers, business developers, engineers, and scientists who deeply care about this planet & people. We are a material innovation company with a goal to deliver the best-performing products with zero negative impact on the environment. We want to enable brands and designers to work with a material that has no guilt & no cruelty. It is time we manufacture for the 21st century, we are here to make that happen.

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