Chitosan Sunglasses, made to protect your eyes and the ocean

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KY TO SAN are biodegradable, ocean-friendly sunglasses made of Chitosan.

Chitosan is a biodegradable, biocompatible, antimicrobial polysaccharide than currently only has few biomedical applications such as wound healing and antibacterial agents.

To produce Chitosan, Chitin, found in mollusk, shellfish, and insect exoskeletons, is extracted from seafood waste and is deacetylated (chemically or with enzymes) to produce Chitosan.

When mixed with acetic acid and water, it can be converted into a bioplastic that has water resistant and good strength properties. Chitosan, however, is a difficult material to work with as it shrinks and warps – but I have designed and tested a method to manufacture sunglasses frames with controlled shrinkage and warping.

I have designed a method to design and manufacture sunglass frames out of chitosan.

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