Development of alternative biomaterials to single-use plastic from avocado residue.

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The purpose of this project is to develop a biomaterial that’s a hundred per cent biodegradable, being this entirely made by organic materials. Our raw material is avocado residue (Mexico being  the main producer world wide) based on a methodology for transformation that achieves the necessary performance characteristics to be implemented at a commercial level, as a functional product that, due to its organic origin, enhances the physiochemical characteristics and is resilient towards climate change. Generating a circular economy model, creating a greater supply of sustainable materials and minimising the waste of organic materials. This will impact restaurants and businesses that generate this waste, by being able to give a new value to what they consider to be garbage. The project is mainly focused on presenting a material that can be industrially and massively produced and can be introduced into the market to represent the design of sustainable materials in Mexico. The current manufacturing process of most of the packaging materials on the market is highly polluting. Many of the products we use every day come from materials that pollute throughout their entire life cycle. On the other hand, it is known that the waste of organic materials represent almost 50% of “garbage” in the country, which, in its poor management, is responsible for a strong environmental impact and can contaminate the ecosystem. MONDO was born to substitute one-time use plastics in the food industry (for now), benefiting the environment and creating a circular economy model, that benefits us all.

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