mujō is a biomaterial innovation company developing seaweed-based packaging materials for impermanence, envisioning a future where packaging materials

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We all know about the massive damage caused by plastic pollution. Each of us eats about 5 g of microplastic per week – that’s as much as a credit card. One of the biggest drivers is the packaging industry, which needs radical change.

We are mujō, a Berlin-based biomaterial innovation company working at the intersection of design and material science. We envision a future where packaging materials of today become the resource of tomorrow. This is why we develop innovative, seaweed based packaging materials that biodegrade straight after use, naturally and harmlessly.  Our products are made from a renewable resource: kelp. It is a fast-growing seaweed which doesn’t need additional water, nor does it need agricultural land. Instead they produce oxygen (20 times faster than trees) and purify the ocean water. The cultivation potential is therefore huge (About the size of the Amazon: 6 million sq km), making the product scalable. However: it’s not just the technology that’s innovative: our focus is on unique, novel material design and about the creation of an exciting packaging experience for B2B and B2C customers. Building a circular ecosystem of all stakeholders involved is key – from the producers and consumers, to the decomposer.


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