A series of "naked" food dishes without any packaging.

Long description

NakedPak series is a line of zero-waste, edible meals, wrapped in soluble bio-plastic made of agar produced from algae.

The dishes are completely naked – not wrapped in plastic or paper, and to solve the food hygiene problem, the meals are rinsed well with water (just like fruits and vegetables) before being cooked. The dishes are individual meals, ready to be cooked, and contain all ingredients and seasoning necessary for a flavorful result. The entire NakedPak is placed in a pot, cooked while the wrapper melts and adds all the delicious flavors.

NakedPak series includes vegetable soup, spaghetti with tomato sauce, rice with green Thai curry, lasagna, and ice cream.

NakedPak is my graduation project in Product Design Bachelor, tutored by Naama Steinbock, in HIT, Holon, Israel.

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