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New Weave rugs are high-performance, 100% made of waste, identical to new, and in itself infinitely regenerable without quality loss.

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The carpet and rug industry is enormously polluting. Every year, 1.6 million tonnes of carpet waste ends up at landfills or in incineration in the EU alone.

New Weave has created a rug with unique circular qualities. This rug is 100% made of wasted materials, but on the molecular level identical to new, and in itself infinitely regenerable without the loss of quality.

We are building on an already existing method of regeneration. Our innovation is in the weaving and construction technique. We have innovated a centuries old weaving technique, eliminating all components that impact recyclability such as non-regenerable materials, glue layers and additives. We have incorporated a take-back program to ensure regeneration at the end of life.

Circularity might be the starting point for New Weave and this contest, but for the average consumer it is still not. Therefore, it is important that circular technology can compete with already existing, non-circular products. This has been the foundation for the product development. Because without this, a product will not be (mass) adopted and thus the realized effects are negligible and a circular transition out of question. Besides circularity, the pillars of development for New Weave have been design, affordability, scalability and performance. We believe that New Weave can compete on all fronts.

All the development has been done, we are about to launch our first rug collection in Q1 of 2023.

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