OCEAN WASTE is an artificial reef concept, made from discarded sea shells.

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The condition of our oceans is rapidly declining, climate change, pollution and destructive fishing methods become a bigger and bigger threat to our beautiful ocean landscapes and their inhabitants. Coral reefs need a long time to adapt to changing circumstances and are especially prone to drastic changes in their environment. When reefs are being destroyed, valuable habitat for all sorts of marine life vanishes.

Luckily there are already solutions, which try to tackle this difficult situation, by creating artificial structures and providing shelter for fish and other critters. However, they all face one problem: They rely heavily on traditional building materials such as metal and concrete, which take a lot of energy to produce and therefore emit tons of CO2 in the process.

By repurposing sea shells, which otherwise would have ended up as waste, OCEAN WASTE is the attempt to create a more long-term sustainable solution. Combining the ground sea shells with natural binders, the goal is to create a new material, which can provide a more ecologically friendly alternative to artificial reef structures made from concrete or steel.

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