The On-The-Go project provides a refill solution for daily consumption occasions for different types of hot and cold beverages.

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The On-the-Go Refill Station for beverages is focused on fighting 4 of the 10 most widespread waste items polluting the world’s oceans: plastic bottles, plastic caps/lids, glass bottles, and drink cans*.  

This project offers an easy and smooth refill solution for daily consumption occasions for different types of beverages. We transform existing machines into IoT Dispensers that are compatible with our smart packaging, which is associated with an exclusive owner. Users are able to trace their refill records, environmental impact and have full access to product traceability, such as the batch number and expiration date.

We started the project with Coke’s carbonated products in alliance with Coca-Cola Andina (Coke’s bottler in Chile) at one university in Santiago de Chile. After one month, we have a refill rate of 72%. 

In March, we are beginning to operate in 7 more universities and we are hoping to expand the model to different locations such as schools, gyms, malls, subway stations, and more. We are aiming to have an impact in the bigger polluter product category in the world, with a solution suitable for all, but especially focused on new generations, to change their consumption habits from single-use to reusable.

*Based on waste items found in seven aquatic ecosystems globally.
Source: Carmen Morales-Caselles et al. (2021)

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