A modular bag brand that is built for repair, re-assembling and recycling.

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PACKBAGS is a bag and accessory line built on the foundations of modularity and circularity.

Our aim is to be at the forefront of re-thinking capitalistic consumption culture by offering a longer-term alternative for the way we treat our possessions.

We create long-lasting bags that consist of modules that can be easily repaired, replaced and recycled. In our catalogue, each piece, from the earliest to the most current, is still available today as a testament that good design outlives trends.

Furthermore, we are offering a free lifelong repair and recycle service, and we working on ‘after-life’ applications for our products (for example – when you don’t want to wear your bag anymore for any reason, you can turn it into a lamp).

PACKBAGS uses quality materials made in Europe. 100% of the bags are designed AND produced in our own workshop in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where we work with highly skilled crafts people with a refugee-background that get paid fair living wages.

PACK was founded in London, United Kingdom in 2012 by Alei Verspoor, designer and creative director.

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