Develops sustainable solutions with the reuse of organic waste for producing biopacking and compostable products

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Ybyrá is a pioneering socio-environmental enterprise in the development of nature-based technological solutions that integrate circular digital management and the agroecological reuse of organic, vegetable and pruning waste from green areas and urban parks for the manufacture of organic and compostable dishes and biopackaging from very high quality and durability, without synthetic chemical additives. Our process is purely physical and agro-ecological, we only collect straw from fallen palm trees, without deforestation. Our entire production chain operates using the biodynamic-biomimetic methodology developed by us, from the circular design of our products to regenerative Zero Waste production. Our solutions and products allow the public and private sector to reduce the cost of forest management and logistics at the destination, reduce overcrowding in landfills and dumps of this material, reduce the consumption of disposable plastic packaging, value urban trees, preserve biodiversity, neutralize to greenhouse gas emissions, generate income and inclusive socio-environmental development of vulnerable populations in cities. Ybyrá has solid partnerships and also an inspired team. It does not stop there. We are working to integrate all people and consumers from the urban forest into our production chain. We have developed a digital intelligent forest management system via an open platform (app) that allows any user to identify, georeference and monitor the target plants (palm trees and trees) in the green areas, as well as to allocate the palm straw waste generated for the manufacture of compostable dishes and biopackaging, connecting collectors, collectors, companies and users, generating jobs and income, and neutralizing carbon.

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