Playing with food is a set of cards that teaches children about the potential of the circular economy of food.

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In Germany, about 75 kg of food is thrown away per person every year.
In the future, we need to create a circular economy in the city in which no waste is created because everything is processed into new food, materials or other products.
My product is a set of cards that teaches children about the circular economy of food.

Through six recipes with different applications, children are guided through the process. The children can make their own building blocks with a plug-in system, a plant pot, a pencil, paint or plasticine. The basis for this is a bio clay that I developed through material experiments. It is based on the plant polymers starch and xanthan to which biowaste materials such as dried orange peels are added. For the production, a drying process of the own bio waste has to take place first. Hacking yogurt pots and tetrapacks also breaks down barriers to supposedly difficult production processes.
When children build their own building blocks out of supposed waste, the best case scenario is that a new awareness for a different way of dealing with it arises.

Why is waste actually perceived as disgusting instead of as a potential to create something new?It is precisely this questioning of the status quo that my project aims to achieve through use and DIY. It is designed to be worked on as a project in school.

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