Praja an is attempt to make cycling accessible to masses by making it safer and incentivizing the rides

Long description

I do not use car for singleton commute instead I have been cycling and unicycling in and around the city for several years. Lot of people want to shun car for singleton commute but face challenges

1.Some people cannot cycle hence they are forced to use a car.

2.Older folks have problems balancing a cycle due to motor coordination.

3.A few find cycling unsafe.

4.Some are too shy to cycle alone.

To solve the above problems and many more. I envisaged a car that runs on sun and sweat.

salient features of Taxi:

a.Car can seat 7 people.(5 have pedal, 2 are for disabled)

b.Taxi is for People who want to cycle but do not want to go through the learning curve associated with cycling. rider burns 350 calories (or more) in a 10KM ride

c.To make urban cycling safer, Pedal car is chauffeured, riders only have to pedal. Responsibility of maneuvering the car in traffic lies with the driver can easily do 25-30KMPH(avg peak time traffic speed is 16KMPH in my city).

e.If  rider gets tired and does not wish to pedal, car is fitted with a 1000w BLDC motor to tow

f.Battery gets charged using 400W Solar panel

g.In phase2, each seat will get digital health monitor to measure vital health parameters.

h.In phase2, car will be made with Bamboo to make to more sustainable.

i.In phase2, passengers will get paid in lieu of calories burned/power generated.

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