re•born collection

Give a gift that gives back! Completely biodegradable baby products collection made out of nuxit® bio material.

Long description

re•born is a collection of fully biodegradable baby items that can be discarded guilt free or simply planted, providing nutrients for the soil. Made out of new bio material nuxit®, using local organic waste source – walnut shells. re•born aims to educate kids about tactility and materiality.

In our world of self-centered societies, we often forget about how much we contribute to growing mountains of wasted items. There is an incredibly wide offer of baby products which contribute to a huge accumulation of discarded baby products that are mostly made of hard plastic or mixed synthetic materials. On the other hand, why wouldn’t we use a potential waste as a new primary source? Simple, low environmental impact processes using blow molding, offer a wide range of different forms such as Lupi, Gea, Oreika.

re•born is a collection of short lifespan baby products that are generally used only for a few years during the childhood period but can later be discarded guilt free, or simply – planted, providing nutrients for the soil. Our newest product baby rattle Oreika is more than a toy. It has seeds inside it and after you are done with it, you can plant it to give a new life – you can choose among indigenous tree species that fit your region best. + the sound of the Oreika rattle is conditioned by your choice of seeds! 😉

A lifetime gift, that will grow together with your child! 🙂

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