A Lego rental service that allows children access to a new set without causing piles of idle bricks inside houses.

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Re-Brick is a Lego rental service that aims to allow children access to a new Lego set of their choice every month without causing piles of idle bricks inside households. What children like in Lego sets is the complete set of bricks, grouped together with instructions to become what they see on the picture. Once the set is built and done it starts to lose value and the child is in need of a new set causing costs for the parents and resources for the environment. In order to address this problem we would like to set up a product-as-a-service business model where we deliver only the joy of playing with a new set of Lego for a period of time instead of the ownership of the toy. How it works: The child will pick and choose from hundreds of sets on the app and will rent them for a month or more depending on how much he/she wants to continue to play with them. The value of the sets will be around one-fourth of an average Lego set. The families will have the option to make brick deposits (already bought and disassembled) in exchange for free membership or cash. The deposited bricks will be used in the Phase 2 of the project. The deposited bricks will form a separate pool which will be categorized and grouped into a new Lego set through visual identification and will be listed in the website for rental.

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