Recycling of Pre and Post consumer Textile Waste

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Through our project ‘Re-cover’ we are trying to recover the textile waste at the end of its life. We are aiming to bring physical facility of Textile Recycling to life where people can actually see the recycling / donate and get their things repaired as well as buy the recycled products made from our processes. This way a complete loop can be developed, in context to textiles waste. We have developed post-consumer recycling of textiles resulting in various outputs, such as woven & non-woven textiles which can be compared with a virgin quality material. This has been done using the existing set of machineries from the textile industry.

Project Re-Cover through a physical facility aims to bring all the textile waste relates practices under one roof and develop a pilot facility for the country to experiment and handle textiles waste from different segments such as household / post industrial and dumping sites. The TRF (textile recovery facility) aims to address Reuse, Recycle and Research model for textile waste through its physical presence. MLI aims to Reuse through Swap-shop which includes repair, resell, remanufacture, civic engagement. Recycle via Micro Factory which includes shredding, carding, spinning and weaving. For the non recyclable materials MLI aims to Research via Material labs which involves R&D, testing, new material development, material pilots, industry engagement.

Most of the above practices have been tested and implemented by MLI, at pilot scale.

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