Tangible Up and Re Cycling based on 3D printing

Long description

This project is a comprehensive service that affects almost all spheres of life. First of all, it is to implement the idea of a cycle lifestyle into the rapidly consumed trend of modern society. This project consists of several parts. The first part is an online platform where 3D artists will be able to publish their works, as well as ordinary users will be able to download and print them on their 3D printer. The second part of the project is a 3D printer and printing material created from recycled metal and plastic. The third part of the project is terminals for the delivery of bottles, bottle caps and other recyclable materials, with an innovative approach. The fourth part is an offline store and stations where they can help people in mastering this service. The goal of this project is to show a tangible result of processing re-recyclable materials for all people who care about beautiful furniture, new accessories and almost any home attribute. This project, in my opinion, should make a revolution in terms of the home production of things. IKEA has previously invented home furniture assembly with as simple a mechanism as possible, I would like to do the same 3D printing.

Link to full project https://www.behance.net/gallery/162494565/Re3D-HUB-Concept-Project-%28Make-It-Circular%29

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