[rebox.eco] makes new boxes from old boxes. Capturing value in used materials & reducing waste for more sustainable ecommerce packages.

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[rebox.eco] makes new boxes from old boxes helping brands send ecommerce deliveries more sustainably by capturing value in used materials, minimising resource extraction and reducing waste. Businesses are struggling to find the packaging they need and resorting to less than ideal solutions as the market sees rising demand and limited supply of paper. At the same time, a nation like the UK, cannot recycle all its paper waste and over half is exported which often leads to poor disposal. [rebox.eco] is an operational innovation that combines these factors to capture and add value to what is seen as waste. 

Using a circular economy mindset, it’s possible to convert strong material from used, large corrugated logistics boxes into smaller ecommerce boxes. This process keeps the core material in use for as long as possible, saving precious resources such as water, carbon, energy and trees. 

A thorough concept development process was followed with real world insights from consumers and businesses that showed positivity around reusing material, product purchase intent unchanged and a strong affinity to the sustainability benefits. Therefore rebutting any concerns that brand owners may have to introducing the concept or reused packaging,

Activity to-date has proved feasibility, firstly by digitally produced prototypes and then low-volume manual production. The next stage involves semi-automatic machinery capable of larger volumes whilst scaling up formal operations and accelerating external partnerships to raise awareness with synergistic brands.

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