ReCan is a more sustainable and recyclable way of beverage packaging.

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Beverage cartons like Tetra Pak consist of up to seven layers of paper, aluminum and plastic. For recycling, the composite material must be separated by an energy-intensive process. Afterwards, the materials cannot be transformed again into a new beverage carton.

ReCan is a sustainable alternative to traditional beverage packaging. It minimises the amount of trash but still keep the advantages of beverage cartons. The system consists of a beverage bag made out of cornstarch bio plastic and a reusable jug. The bag can easily be attached to the jug, which ensures easy opening and closing, as well as ideal handling. The system allows space-saving storage. The sleek shape makes it fit into the fridge door or layed down in a small space between the groceries. 

Being made of only one material, the light weight ReCan-Bag can be easily recycled after use. Due to the low material thickness of 0.2mm, it takes only little space in the waste bin. The solid jug however is dishwasher-safe and usable for several years.

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