Refa. is a circular fashion service, with which we enable people to consume fashion in a more sustainable way.

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Bringing you the thrill of high-quality fashion pieces, with minimal harm to the environment.

Wearing fashion pieces you love is the perfect way to express yourself. Unfortunately, we all know that producing these pieces is very harmful for the environment. In order to change this, we’ll need to make a BIG shift, to a circular fashion industry. One of the effective ways to get there is enabling ‘re-use’; fashion pieces need to be used to their full potential. If we are shifting from ownership to usage, we can cut down harm on a large scale, and you’ll still have the thrill of trying out new styles.

We’ll work together with the fashion industry to make re-use the standard next to recycle, reduce and repurpose. Our ultimate goal is to create a world where fashion rental is the variable layer on top of the basic wardrobe, for everyone. High quality basics will be bought, while unique defining pieces will be rented. To make this dream come true, we provide our members with a platform where they can access high quality, fashionable pieces for an affordable price. This way, we are providing an alternative for polluting fashion consumption.

Fashion consumption is currently focused on ownership, with which the supply chain ends at the
consumer’s wardrobe. With our solution, we close the supply circle as we facilitate the reuse and
recycling of every piece of clothing. We shift from ownership to usage, for the larger part of the

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