Refill Revolution: Water-less & Waste-less Everyday Products by Bare Necessities

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Conventional hand wash and dish wash soap are basically 90% water, with the remaining 10% being the active ingredients. What that essentially means is that customers are paying copious amounts of money to transport water across regions, which results in massive carbon footprints. To tackle this, we at Bare Necessities created waterless alternatives to conventional hand wash and dish wash soaps. Our product contains the 10% active ingredient, which you require to make soaps. Our soaps are available in compostable pouches, which can be mixed in 250ml of water. After mixing it for 15 minutes, the soaps are ready for use. Our dishwashing soap, Dissolve, is enhanced with the goodness of Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Grapefruit, and Soapberry. And in a lovely lavender tint, our hand wash soap, Stir It Up is enriched with Soapberry, Bilberry, Rosewood and Lemon. Living in Bangalore, India, we are witness to extreme frothing in our lakes, such as Varthur and Bellandur Lakes. A prime cause of this is using chemical-based surfactants and detergents. Keeping this as a factor in mind, we innovated with earth-friendly ingredients to create a hand wash and dish wash that will not harm lakes or the groundwater for that matter, unlike conventional hand wash and dish wash soaps. In terms of packaging, our cork-sealed recycled and repurposed jars with metal pumps can be used to last a lifetime. 

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