We are an agribusiness startup with the soul of a social enterprise reversing deforestation and biodiversity-loss with regenerative agriculture

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We collect used plastic water sachets and reuse them as polythene pots for our oil palm seedlings instead of buying new polythene bags to reduce the indiscriminate littering and burning of plastic water sachet waste. We also collect oil palm ash waste from oil palm mills and reuse it as organic fertilizers for the seedlings instead of synthetic fertilizer to eliminate the risks of health problems related to chemical residue in crops, reduce the greenhouse effect and improve the crop yield organically.

We are on the verge of building the first oil palm agroforestry ecosystem in Nigeria on our proposed 10 hectares of farmland in Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria, over the next ten years from 2024. By the end of our third year of operations in 2027, we would have cultivated four hectares of farmland with about 500 oil palm trees and other compatible perennial crops and fruit trees such as cocoa and cover crops to establish an efficient and effective oil palm agroforestry ecosystem.

Social entrepreneurship is the core of the business operations of our agribusiness enterprise, and we operate a CSR & Sustainability strategy called Cause Marketing.

Our Vision Statement is

‘’Apart from offering viable, quality, healthy and affordable oil palm products, we want to reverse deforestation and Biodiversity Loss caused by the monoculture system of oil palm production, which contributes to Climate Change through oil palm agroforestry production in Africa.’’

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