We Re-use, Re-pair & Re-cycle

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Could you imagine that in two years you would have to change your whole wardrobe 8 times?

For parents this is reality. Babies grow fast and with that they need a lot of clothing.

We at Red Orka support parents through a rental model for baby clothing. You have the posebilety to choose from a beautiful collection of rompers, Leggings, Sweatshirts, Winter clothing, and many more items.

It’s simple the clothing gets delivered home, the baby use’s it, wear’s it, does have fun with it and if your baby has outgrown the clothing, you send it back. And we make sure you have a new size that fits.

You grow, we deliver!

In the backend we have taken a lot of actions to keep the clothing in great shape in order to rent it out as often as possible with a high standard on qualety and higyne.

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